"It gives me great pleasure to write this letter because thanks to you I have managed to make it through a difficult and stormy moment. As you recall, my husband had lost all our money and we were in a desperate situation. Since I started following your directions and suggestions we have gone on an unbelievable lucky streak! The initial sum of 89,000 was providential and the rest of the money we won allowed us to increase our bank balance week by week. Now my husband is much more relaxed and our relationship is going through some very beautiful times. You are an angel, Miranda. I owe you everything."
(Claire M. Birmingham)

"Dear Miranda, I am very happy to have found you because the results I am achieving are unexpected: not only have my conjugal problems disappeared but I am also starting to see possibilities for work, which I intend to make the most of and live it up."
(Karen M. Adelaide)

"When I sent you my request I was curious, but also sceptical. Now I feel I have to completely change my point of view because there have been so many happy events since. Also, my luck when I have a bet has increased incredibly and I have had important wins that have let me buy myself a few treats."
(Victoria B. Miami)

"Miranda, you have convinced me so completely that today I am one of your most faithful followers, and all this in spite of the reluctance I used to feel towards clairvoyance. My confidence is based on the fact that from the moment you put your powers at my service, my life has been filled with joy and happiness. Today I honestly find it hard to do without your revelations."
(John M. Toronto)

"My life is like a fairy tale and I can see that everything you told me was the truth. Every day your help gifts me a huge number of fantastic surprises: gambling wins, encounters as unexpected as they are wonderful, etc., I have achieved personal successes I never thought I would manage. Since I started receiving your emails my life really has been a fairy tale. "
(Caroline F. Wellington)

"I must confess that I tried your offer without a great deal of conviction. It is now very easy to say that I am delighted I said yes. My mood has improved no end now that I am no longer being stalked by all those negative thoughts that were distressing me day and night. Thanks to the money you have made me win, I have been able to pay my debts and I am sure that I will win more. Miranda, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy you are giving me."
(Charles C. Detroit)

"I have found the man of my life! I was alone and unhappy with myself; I no longer believed in love. I was convinced that men were only interested in more pleasing women, not someone like me: a simple girl like so many others. Then I received your email and a few days later a young man began to court me insistently. We started seeing each other and we have been together ever since. I am convinced that he is my great love. Coincidence? I think our encounter, Miranda, changed something. It was as if my chronic misfortune suddenly disappeared. Now I can finally taste true happiness. Thank you, Miranda!"
(Susan L. Durban)

"A miracle! My life was practically destroyed: debts, depression... I was hopeless. Everything around me had collapsed: family, my relationships with my friends... Fortunately, you gave me your help and, with you by my side, I discovered unimaginable resources within me. You are a true angel! Thanks to your help, I have emerged with the confidence and the will to survive. Three years have passed almost to the day and my future is full of new projects."
(Anne H. Singapore)

"I have decided to write this letter to sincerely thank you for your help. The economic problems we had are gone forever; we have settled our outstanding accounts. Basically thanks to your intervention, Miranda, we have climbed out of the abyss. Thank you so much, you are a fantastic person."
(Mark and Alexandra G. Buffalo)

"Miranda, your forecasts are fantastic! I do not know how you do it, but you have fully identified the problem that had been distressing me for over 10 years and, above all, you have found a way to solve it. What can I say… Thank you, Miranda!"
(Lawrence B. Albany)




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